Flex Power 4000i & 5500i Exhaust System Overview - Upgrading from Onan to RVMP Flex Power Generator


The Next Generation of RV Generators: RVMP Flex Power 4.0kW and 5.5kW Inverter Installed Generator.

This video demonstrates how the RVMP Flex Power Generators are a 100% replacement for Cummin Onan Installed Generators for RVs. The Flex Power Generators fit in the same space as Onan, making upgrading to Flex Power very easy. In addition, when RVMP Flex Power is compared to Onan: Flex Power is lighter, has Lower Harmonic Distortion, is 30% Quieter, has a Higher Base Load, and includes many more features. Upgrade to RVMP today!

Dual Fuel – 2 types applicable in one unit: Gasoline or Propane. 3 Year Warranty. Original equipment for Forrest River, NeXus RV, and Thor Industry.


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