5500i Dual Fuel Generator 5500i Dual Fuel Generator

  • Model #: 4L1-RV551
  • Barcode: 850041427126
Flex Power ®
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Buy RVMP Flex Power® 5500i | 5500 Watt Dual-Fuel Installed RV Generator by RVMP: 5500i Dual Fuel Generator 5500i Dual Fuel Generator

  • Model #: 4L1-RV551
  • Barcode: 850041427126
Flex Power ®
In Stock // Ready to ship.

The RV Mobile Power™ Flex Power® 5500i is designed for permanent installation and has dual fuel capabilities for use with gasoline or propane.

Designed to be: compact, quiet, powerful, and efficient. Ready for new installations or replacements of current generators in RVs, 5th Wheels, Toy Haulers, Trailers, Food Truck Operators, and off-grid cabins/tiny homes. The Flex Power ® 5500i powers appliances and recharges your battery bank for extended off-grid living.

Price: $4,995.00

Recreational vehicle owners know the importance of having a backup generator. They are often critical to a fun and comfortable outdoor adventure, but they must be reliable and safe. The RVMP Flex Power® 5500i Generator is manufactured with power, performance, and, most importantly, safety in mind. The generator’s compact design removes the traditional bulk of most generators, making it easier to fit within storage spaces or compartments. Not only is it lighter than the competition, it's also more versatile with the capability to run on both gasoline or propane. Dual fuel capacity allows for flexibility - gasoline provides a higher BTU, and propane runs cleaner and quieter.

Travel with peace of mind knowing your generator can change fuel sources with the simple flip of a switch. The RVMP Flex Power® generator also features smart start technology, removing the traditional starter, which may need to be replaced over time. Smart start technology uses a digitally produced three-phase waveform passed to the alternator's stator to rotate the engine and start more efficiently. Without a traditional starter and no spark from a commutator, the risk of igniting combustible fuels is largely removed, improving safety and offering peace of mind. Unlike generators of the past, the 5500 Watt Flex Power® model is equipped with an integrated inverter forclean power production. A completely new exhaust and cooling system has been designed for maximum cooling while staying quiet.

Your RV will be complete with the RVMP Flex Power® Generator. When partnered with solar power, your setup will keep you running even in extended boondocking and dry camping environments. This new and innovative patent-pending design brings many upgrades over traditional generator models.

Important Note: This generator is for RVs that are prepped for a permanent generator install location or have the adequate space and fuel supply (gasoline and propane) located in the area where the generator will be installed.

Important Note: This generator produces hot exhaust gases which must be piped out of the RV. Before using this generator, be sure to install a carbon monoxide detector inside the RV.

  • Better efficiency - On-demand power uses less fuel than other popular generator models both while running and at rest
  • Dual compatibility - Runs on either gas or propane
  • Consistent output - Less distortion (3% compared to 17% in competitive models) allows you to power sensitive devices like laptops, TVs, and gaming counsels, without worrying about overload
  • Softer sound - Consistent output allows for a quieter run without loud rev cycles
  • Significantly fewer emissions when run with propane - up to 10x less output
  • Digital hour reading – Easily measure running time for maintenance
  • Safer design -Engineered and built to mitigate fire risk
  • Digital valve controller - Auto shutoff monitoring for fire prevention
  • Remote start capability – wiring harness for connecting to controls within the RV for remote starting
  • Heat sensor - Built-in protection from overheating and over-revving
  • Patent-pending technology – See RVMP Patents for more information
  • Certified by the USDA, EPA, CSA, and more
  • AC/DC Excitation: Brushless PM
  • Amps: 45.8
  • Design: Multi Pole PM
  • Dimensions: 29.5" L x 19.25" W x 13.5" H
  • Frequency: 60
  • Fuel: Gasoline/LP
  • RPM: Variable 2600-3600
  • Voltage Regulation: Digital
  • Volts: 119-124
  • Watts: 5500
  • Weight: 161 lb. (73 kg)
Comparable titles
Flex Power ® RVMP Flex Power 5.5kW Dual Fuel Installed Generator
3 Years Limited , 5500i Dual Fuel Generator has Warranty
3 Years Limited
EPA Emissions Durability
500 Hours , 5500i Dual Fuel Generator has EPA Emissions Durability
500 Hours
Electrical Specifications
5500 , 5500i Dual Fuel Generator has Watts
60 , 5500i Dual Fuel Generator has Frequency
119 - 124 , 5500i Dual Fuel Generator has Volts
45.8 , 5500i Dual Fuel Generator has Amps
Alternator Specification
Multi Pole PM , 5500i Dual Fuel Generator has Design
2 Pole
AC Excitation
Brushless PM , 5500i Dual Fuel Generator has AC Excitation
DC Excitation
Brushless PM , 5500i Dual Fuel Generator has DC Excitation
Voltage Regulation
Digital , 5500i Dual Fuel Generator has Voltage Regulation
Voltage Regulation
119-124 volts , 5500i Dual Fuel Generator has Voltage Regulation
Frequency Regulation
59-61 Hz , 5500i Dual Fuel Generator has Frequency Regulation
60 +/- 2.5%
Total Harmonic Distortion
≤3% , 5500i Dual Fuel Generator has Total Harmonic Distortion
Ambient Temperature Rating
48C , 5500i Dual Fuel Generator has Ambient Temperature Rating
Bonded , 5500i Dual Fuel Generator has Neutral
Regulatory Approvals
Yes, 5500i Dual Fuel Generator has RVIA
Yes, 5500i Dual Fuel Generator has EPA
Yes, 5500i Dual Fuel Generator has CARB
CSA 22.2 No. 100-14 , 5500i Dual Fuel Generator has CSA
CSA Electrical Bulletin 946Does NOT conform to the most recent CSA22.2-100 standard
Yes, 5500i Dual Fuel Generator has USDA
Mechanical Specifications
Gasoline/LPFlex Power™ Generator can switch between fuels while running on fly. , 5500i Dual Fuel Generator has Fuel
Gasoline/LP(Different Models)
2600-3600 , 5500i Dual Fuel Generator has RPM
161 lb. , 5500i Dual Fuel Generator has Weight
288 lb.
Set Dimensions (LxWxH)
29.5 X 19.25 X 13.5 , 5500i Dual Fuel Generator has Set Dimensions (LxWxH)
33.6 x 22.2 x 16.7
Engine Detail
No. Cylinder/Type
1/OHV , 5500i Dual Fuel Generator has No. Cylinder/Type
18.4 in³ (302cc) , 5500i Dual Fuel Generator has Displacement
39.8 in³ (653 cm³)
Compression Ratio
9:1 , 5500i Dual Fuel Generator has Compression Ratio
Cooling System Type
Air , 5500i Dual Fuel Generator has Cooling System Type
Digital , 5500i Dual Fuel Generator has Govener
Automatic Digital , 5500i Dual Fuel Generator has Choke
Oil Capacity
1.9 qt (1.8L) , 5500i Dual Fuel Generator has Oil Capacity
2.0 qt (1.9 L)
Splash , 5500i Dual Fuel Generator has Lubrication
Emergency Starting
None , 5500i Dual Fuel Generator has Emergency Starting
Average Fuel Consumption
No Load
.13 Gal/hr /.90 lb/hrApproximately 50% more efficient at no load , 5500i Dual Fuel Generator has No Load
0.3 Gal/h / 1.8 lb/h
Half Load
.30 Gal/hr /2.3 lb/hrApproximately 40% more efficient at half load , 5500i Dual Fuel Generator has Half Load
0.6 Gal/h / 3.3 lb/h
Full Load
.70 Gal/hr / 3.5 lb/hrApproximately 15% more efficient at full load , 5500i Dual Fuel Generator has Full Load
0.9 Gal/h / 4.6 lb/h
Performance @100F/38C and 500 ft./152.4 m altitude
Air Conditioner (BTU)
Two 15,000 Btu ACs , 5500i Dual Fuel Generator has Air Conditioner (BTU)
Two 15,000 Btu AC
Additional Watts
1000 (Base Load) , 5500i Dual Fuel Generator has Additional Watts
1000 (700)
Battery Charger
600 , 5500i Dual Fuel Generator has Battery Charger
Sound Level @ 10ft. (3M) in dB(A)
At Half Load (Typical RV installation)
50 , 5500i Dual Fuel Generator has At Half Load (Typical RV installation)

Frequently Asked Questions for buying 5500i Dual Fuel Generator

Do you have an Auto Generator Start System?

We will have this ready by the end of 4th quarter 2022. Our generator will work with any auto start feature that has a dry pin connection for starting the generator. The pin out chart within the installation manual will show you which wire to connect your AutoStart system to. We cannot advise as to specific AutoStart systems, as there are too many, but generally speaking this is the process to connect.

Should I operate operate my generator without an onboard properly functioning carbon monoxide detector?

ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! Failure to adhere to this requirement could result in death.

Should I check all exhaust connections regularly for leaks and tighten them as necessary?

Absolutely exhaust gas is deadly! Do not operate the generator with a faulty exhaust system. Your tailpipe MUST ALWAYS extend beyond the bottom edge of the vehicle sidewall.

I bottomed out on a driveway, what should I do?

Make sure you inspect the unit for damage, paying particular attention to the exhaust pipe that is extending beyond the bottom edge of the vehicle sidewall. If this is damaged be sure to seek service immediately, as this damage could result in inhalation of exhaust gas which is deadly.

Can I store gas, oil, or other flammable materials in the generator compartment?

NO! Do not store anything inside the generator enclosure. This area must always be kept free from debris.

Can I service the generator while it is running?

NO! You must perform on maintenance and service while the generator is off, and the negative battery cable is disconnected. Moving parts can cause injury and or death, and live wires could cause fatal electrocution.

Can I use my RV generator as back-up power in my home or business?

No! Backfeed to utility systems can cause serious risks to life or property. Never connect the generator to an external electrical system except through an approved transfer switch.

Can I use an exhaust extension kit on my generator?

RVMP advises against and does not like to endorse any kits for the following reasons and will impact the FLEX POWER™ Limited Warranty:

  1. Back Pressure: this may increase the back pressure on the engine and reduce engine performance, or cause the engine to fail to meet regulated exhaust standards.
  2. Heat: could cause burns to anybody coming in contact.
  3. Fit: to be effective these connections must be gas-tight. This cannot be guaranteed after each installation.
  4. Direct of Exhaust: because these units are exhausting along the roof line, there is a higher probability that roof mounted vents and air-conditioners could intake the exhaust and circulate throughout the unit. Circulation of exhaust inside the unit could result in carbon monoxide poisoning.
  5. Weight: improper installation can result in reasonable stress on the existing exhaust system. The factory installed exhaust is not designed to carry this additional weight, and as a result any damage to the exhaust system could be detrimental to the life and well-being of the occupants of the vehicle.

Can I buy spare parts for my generator?

Yes, all of the following name brand parts are available for Flex Power generators:

  1. Spark Plug: 100729763
  2. Air Filter: 100730618
  3. Carburetor: 100753507
  4. Fuel Pump: 100729673
  5. Gas Regulator: 100729675
  6. Electric Fan: 100729684
  7. Hour Meter/Control Gauge: 100729698
  8. Power Regulator: 100729714

Should I turn off the air conditioners and large electrical loads in my vehicle before starting the generator?

Yes, this is good practice and will keep your generator running optimally.

Should I really follow the break-in procedures?

Yes, following these guidelines in the RVMP Owners’s Manual, will decrease oil consumption and improve long-term power characteristics. The braking process usually involves running the generator at about 50% load for two hours, then 75% load for two hours, then letting it cool down and starting over again. This process is good practice and will pay dividends for the reliability of your generator.

Do I really have to “exercise” my generator?

Yes, it is recommended to run your generator a minimum of 50% capacity for two hours once every month. This prevents the fuel from coming up with varnish, fuel varnishing results in hard starting and surging. Monthly exercising of your unit will keep your generator running well, will keep your seals lubricated, and will prevent if you're from varnishing and the fuel system running optimally.

What it is an AMP?

An amp is the amount of current flowing in a wire or a conductor. Typically RVs have two different categories of amperage: 30 amp or 50 amp. Make sure you know the difference.

What is a volt?

A volt is the amount of electrical potential present, specifically for an RV this is 120 VAC when running on “shore power” (your generator is plugged into the power grid) or when running on generator power. When operating solely on batteries the voltage is 12 VDC.

What is a watt?

Wattage is the representation of power. You calculate wattage by multiplying voltage x amps: 120 VAC x 30 AMPS = 3,600 WATTS. If you look at each item running in your vehicle you can calculate the wattage required versus your wattage available to compare demand on system and capacities.

30 AMP versus 50 AMP

Today all RVs are wired for either 30 or 50 AMP shore power. A 30 AMP electrical cable cored is rated at 120 VAC, and the 50 AMP is rated at 240 VAC. A quick analysis shows a 50 AMP shore cord has close to three times the power potential than a 30 AMP system.

What are the biggest loads in my RV on the generator?

The largest single demand on any generator will be powering the cooling systems. This could be one, two, or even three roof mounted air conditioners. Also, the battery charger demands significant power output from your generator. Understanding and managing these loads is very important to optimizing generator performance.

What are some common loads on the generator in an RV:

Common loads on the generator in an RV:

  • Air Conditioner: 1,200-2,400 W and 7.5-15 AMPS
  • Battery Charger: 3000 W and 7-24 AMPS
  • Blender: 450-700 W and 3-6 AMPS
  • Entertainment System: 85-120 W and 1-3 AMPS
  • Coffee Pot: 1,000-1,300 W and 8-11 AMPS
  • Laptop: 20-100 W and .25-1 AMPS
  • Microwave: 800-1,600 W and 7-14 AMPS
  • Refrigerator: 500-1,200 W and 4-8 AMPS
  • Toaster: 1,000-1,500 W abd 7-12 AMPS

What is an air conditioner "short-cycling"?

When an air conditioner is running normally pressure is created in the refrigerant. When shut off the system requires at least five minutes for the pressure to equalize. If the air conditioner is started before the pressure equalizes this is called “short-cycling.” This can cause the AC to trip the circuit breaker, overload the generator, and make the AC shut off due to thermal overload. The only way to address is to allow sufficient time for the AC to equalize pressure and temperature. To prevent this make sure the AC is not blowing directly on the thermostat.

What is worse high altitude or high temperature on generator performace?

Both can cause the generator to lose power and performance. Altitude results in power decrease of approximately 3% for every 1,000 feet above 500 feet. Temperature result in 1% loss of opera for each 10 degree F above 80 degrees F. In some cases it may be required to manually adjust the carburetor to overcome some of these performance issues. Please see Owners’s Manual.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Dave Madinger
Not a good first impression

Well when it arrived the box was covered in oil.i accepted the delivery but probably shouldn't have. After opening the box found that oil was coming out of the air filter box I cleaned everything up and ran the unit and didn't see any leaks so I installed it. It ran everything in the RV with no issues. The customer picked up the RV and first trip out called me saying that they can't get the generator to stay running so will have to wait for them to return to find out what's going on. Needles to say not a good impression as im accustom to installing onan generators and only hearing good reports from my customers.

Hi David,
We are sorry to hear that there was an issue with the delivery of this unit. We pride ourselves on making sure that all our customers are happy and satisfied with the products. We would like to help you in determining what is going on with the unit that you installed. Can you please contact us once you do have this unit back and we will get with our technical team here to determin the fastest solution to this issue.

Thank you! Kayla


Great product! The company, RVMP, was outstanding! They went above and beyond for us. They are number one in my book!

Joseph Ritz
Buying experience

We purchased out 5500 generators at the Hershey show a few weeks ago. We also, purchased our new camper there too. So, with that said we have yet to install the generator and try it out. I’m in the process of purchasing the insulation bracket for it and when the camper comes in I will review the operation.
The purchase at the show was amazing had fun with the guys there and they answered all of our questions. Great doing business with them. Future reviews in a few months!

John's RV Service


Keith Messinger
Perfect Replacement for Onan/Cummins

My Onan Marquis Gold 7000 died last year. Was going to take 76 weeks for delivery of a new one. Ran across RVMP, their 5500 model should run my Tiffin Class A motorhome. Went to Columbus to have them install it. Had a few hiccups that Tyler was able to creatively overcome. Generator worked perfectly on the trip home. Smaller package and less weight than Onan with option of propane as a second fuel source. Cost was almost half of an Onan. Finally some competition in this market. I highly recommend them for your generator needs.

Keith M.-Lexington, KY

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