RVMP Generators Start to Gain Traction in RV Marketplace

RVMP Generators Start to Gain Traction in RV Marketplace

RV Mobile Power LLC (RVMP) is producing generators under the "Flex Power" brand and has evolved significantly from its startup beginnings. Established in 2017 by CEO Jimmy Conroy II, RVMP has made substantial strides, now selling 1,600 generators monthly. The company's growth was facilitated by its acquisition of NxtGen LLC, led by Wayne Kaylor, a veteran of the RV industry. This merger was driven by the shared vision of innovating the market and creating superior products.

RVMP offers both installed and portable generators, featuring advancements like enhanced safety, dual-fuel capabilities, compact designs, reduced weight, and compliance with regulations. The company has focused on delivering high-quality products at competitive prices, aiming to excel in both performance and affordability. The founders emphasize their commitment to outstanding customer service, noting that RVMP's dedication to supporting customers and collaborating on innovation sets them apart. The company's ethos revolves around a startup mentality, where constant improvement and meeting customer needs are paramount.

Looking ahead, RVMP plans to continue product development, expand its service network, strengthen relationships with RV original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and dealers, and maintain its agile approach to disrupting the market. The company's emphasis on customer service and adaptable innovation is central to its ongoing success, enabling it to carve out a distinct niche in the RV industry.

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