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Established in 2018, RV Mobile Power™ (RVMP) has been creating products to enhance outdoor and off-grid lifestyles by providing power systems, solar options, and integrated temperature-controlled appliances. Giving RVMP customers the comforts of home wherever the road takes them.

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RVMP® was founded on the backbone of 20+ years experience in the RV/trailer/motorcoach industry, working with everyone from small suppliers all the way up to the largest OEM manufacturers to learn every aspect of designing, manufacturing, installing, and servicing the best equipment for this industry.

We love spending time in the outdoors, the endless pursuit of adventure, and the wonderful satisfaction of getting away from societal noise and camping ‘off grid’ with our friends and family. One of our driving goals at RVMP is to design, manufacture, and sell products that help everyone enjoy this experience.

By pushing the limits of available technology and developing our own proprietary products, we look forward to showing what is possible as we move into the next generation of RV/off grid power systems. RVMP fully embraces the green energy revolution and seeks to implement these emerging discoveries into cost-effective products that are safe, reliable, and easy to use.

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