10" Extended Drop Exhaust System Kit 10" Extended Drop Exhaust System Kit

  • Model #: E2007-22154
  • Barcode: 850041427539
Flex Power ®
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Buy RVMP Flex Power Exhaust System Kit Aluminized Steel 1.25" x 36” Straight Tube Pipe with 1.25" x 10” 90° Exhaust Elbow, Exhaust Elbow, Exhaust Clamp | 36” Exhaust System Kit with Extended Drop by RVMP: 10" Extended Drop Exhaust System Kit 10" Extended Drop Exhaust System Kit

  • Model #: E2007-22154
  • Barcode: 850041427539
Flex Power ®
In Stock // Ready to ship.

Price: $163.00
  • Material: Aluminized Steel
  • Dimensions: 1.25" x 36" Straight Tube Pipe with 1.25" x 10" 90° Exhaust Elbow

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Joseph Ritz
Fast delivery

We received the exhaust system just a few days after we returned from the RV show.
Everything that was promised was there. We still haven’t put the flex fuel 5500 watt generator in yet because our new camper is still in the making. We should have it sometime in December if all goes well and then we will install it.
More reviews to come.
Very satisfied so far!!

Courtney Cherry
Poor customer service

Before I bought it Brian was answering every time I called. Now I can't get him to call me back or answer the phone, I'm having problems with it and trying to solve the problems

Kenneth Smith
Best generator option on the market.

I cannot say enough good things about this company and the team. The most down to earth guys but also incredibly knowledgeable in all things RV. I will be going to them for all things RV when replacing the water heater, and solar. The generator is the smoothest piece of equipment, can barely even hear it.

Keith Burns

Over priced

Mr. Burns:

The entire team at RVMP wants to apologize to you for your concern of being over-charged for a product from our catalog. We gladly welcome your opinion as to what you think would be a reasonable price for this exhaust kit. We take our pricing very seriously! We strive to always provide a good value to our customers.

With respect to this 36' Exhaust Kit I offer you the following observations: we purchase a specialized aluminized steel for this product requiring full truckload quantities of 44,000# be procured, we cut all of the material to length on a specialized bundle cut saw, we de-bur the blank in another special machine, we process the bends on a another special machine, all of which are staffed by American workers in an American warehouse, we store the inventory to be available for immediate shipment, we produce the hanger which is a six-step operation, and we produce the clamp another three-step operation (both require coating from outside third parties), and finally we package this product in a 36' long box, which albeit light, is expensive to ship due to the dimensions of the box.

Our competition sells a similar kit for $195.00 with a $30.00 delivery charge, this is if you can find it in stock. They typically require a two-week lead time to fulfill any orders.

Please let us know what you think you were over-charged and we will send you a refund for this difference. Your opinion matters to me and I will do whatever is necessary to improve your experience with our company!

Thank you sincerely for your business.

Most Sincerely,

Jimmy Conroy II, Chief Executive Office
RVMP Family of Companies